February 10, 2016

Starting a computer repair business: 5 useful websites.

There are so many forums and sites on the web containing information for a computer repair technician that it’s hard to know what to trust – and it’s easy to get caught up in lengthy forum threads that are distracting and lead nowhere. I’ve found that there are five sites that consistently provide reliable information for the PC technician. If you’re thinking of starting a computer repair business, you stand to benefit greatly from reading through these sites.

The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners

This site provides a really top-notch service for those willing to pay. It offers you accreditation through a proven online forum of computer repair business owners helping technicians do their job everythere. Check out that site to learn what it offers and see if you’re interested. I have found that the most useful service this site offers is the facilitation of networking with computer repair techs in other areas who are willing to give advice without worrying about me being competition.

The Computer Repair Directory 

This directory is a great place to list your computer repair business. It gets heavy traffic from potential customers, and is constructed in a way that makes it easy for pc repair customers in your area to find you. One cool thing is that you don’t have to pay out of pocket to register here – you can add a reciprocal link on your site that serves as the registration fee. It’s worth a look.

Technibble, the forum for techs

computer repair forum

The forum for the "pros."

Technibble is one of the premier places to find computer repair tech talk online. It’s as good as an online computer course, if you’re a self-starter. Signing up with this website enables you to get access to the forum history – and somewhere in this history is probably an answer to any problem a tech will ever face. We’ve gotten answers here, and you will, too. Their blog is pretty spiffy and up-to-date. Reminds us a little of this one ;). You can learn a lot about exactly how to start a computer repair business by reading that site, as well.

Tom’s Hardware

Short of taking a computer hardware course, this is the most awesome place to get the low-down on new hardware. The content is written in a tone that is just gleeky enough to make us feel at home, while also avoiding boring us to death. Just now, when we followed the link, we learned two things we didn’t know before. How does Tom do it?

Hongkiat blog

Every blogger’s got a different idea of what’s newsworthy, and Hongkiat’s got great taste. This blog is great for those techs out there who want to move beyond function and a little into art. Call it design. It has proven a valuable trait in techs, time and again, who are called upon to do a little extra, aesthetically, for one of their clients. Meet those design needs by reading through this blog. There are brains behind this operation, and ways to help designers improve, no matter what their level of experience.